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Tower Asset Management Services

Precision Communications offers comprehensive Broadcast Tower Asset Management Services designed to provide more efficiency for managing your station’s tower portfolio. By adopting a proactive stance, rather than reactive, we ensure your site operates seamlessly, minimizing downtime and reducing operating expenses. 

Our services not only limit the potential for off-air emergencies but also strengthen your institutional knowledge of your broadcast tower sites, empowering you with robust insights for informed decision-making. With redundant systems in place, we prioritize safety, compliance, and uptime, providing you with peace of mind and reliability you can count on. Trust Precision to optimize your broadcast tower management for unparalleled efficiency and performance.

The components of the Precision Comunications
Tower Asset Management Program

Tower Mapping Tools

Many our clients have additional tenants on their towers.  If warranted, Precision will use drone technology to provide high-definition photo’s/videos of your tower.  With multiple companies and technicians accessing your site, our video can serve as a tower mapping record for your organization. 

We have experienced companies adding technology to a tower without the knowledge of the owner.   This can impact tower loading.  We have also seen equipment abandoned in place that should be removed from the tower. 

Central Repository of Critical Tower Information & Documents

Tower Asset Management offers a comprehensive Central Repository of Critical Tower Information & Documents module tailored for Precision Communication. This innovative service provides seamless access to a wide array of essential tower documents, ensuring efficiency and precision in communication processes.

From Tower Inspections to Tower Surveys and an extensive collection of images, clients benefit from a centralized hub housing all necessary information. This centralized approach enhances operational effectiveness, facilitates informed decision-making, and promotes a proactive approach to tower management.

Advanced Capital Budgeting Tool/Forecasting Support

The Advanced Capital Budgeting Tool/Forecasting module helps to identify key recommendations for addressing tower concerns. We prioritize these recommendations, offering transparent budget pricing for client review.

Our analysis goes beyond mere suggestions; it furnishes clients with a user-friendly tool for preparing comprehensive capital budget forecasts spanning 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. This strategic approach empowers our customers to make informed decisions, proactively manage financial resources, and optimize long-term investment strategies for their tower assets.

Project Management Support

Precision Communications is one of the only broadcast service providers with an in-house team of project managers.  Within the tower management agreement, customers can engage Precision to manage projects that we are not executing ourselves. These services extend our vast experience to your team ensuring successful projects/initiatives.

Library of Hundreds of Hundreds of FAQs

The Tower Asset Management suite provides access to our vast library containing hundreds of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about broadcast tower and antenna management. This comprehensive repository offers quick and concise answers to common questions, providing tools to help our clients quickly address issues and make informed decisions about their tower assets.

With topics ranging from Antenna Burnout to maintenance protocols and technological advancements, our FAQ library serves as a helpful resource for optimizing broadcast tower performance and ensuring regulatory adherence.


Annual Tower Inspections

Our Annual Tower Inspection Services provides broadcast organizations with a comprehensive deep dive into their tower structures and associated electrical and transmission components. While many clients typically conduct inspections on a 3 to 5-year interval, our annual service ensures that critical components are regularly assessed, minimizing the risk of issues going unaddressed for multiple inspection cycles.

Our thorough examination covers not only the structural integrity but also the functionality of essential elements such as antennas, transmission lines, lighting systems, guy wires and ancillary equipment.

By opting for our Annual Tower Inspection Services, broadcasters can proactively identify and mitigate potential issues, enhancing the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their broadcast tower portfolio.

RF Sweeps/Monitoring

As part of our annual/biannual inspections, we will provide RF sweeps to identify any anomalies in your system.  This will also give us baseline readings to track year over year.  Many towers utilize RF monitoring technology like the RF Hawkeye. 

Our team can be a secondary monitoring source for your organization.  These sweeps are an early detection tool that can significantly reduce the potential for a costly burnout situation. 


Vegetation Management

Precision Communications offers comprehensive support for vegetation management at your tower site. Often, trees or brush pose risks by obstructing or encroaching upon guy paths. By engaging in annual or biannual servicing, Precision can effectively mitigate these risks and reduce the cost associated with overgrown vegetation. Whether through proactive trimming, strategic removal, or ongoing maintenance, our vegetation management services ensure the safety and integrity of your tower infrastructure.

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