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Broadcast Antenna FAQs

This page aims to provide you with a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions about broadcast antennas, covering various topics such as antenna types, installation considerations, signal optimization, maintenance tips, and more. Whether you’re a broadcast engineer, technician, or station manager, this resource will provide basic knowledge and insights necessary to help make informed decisions and ensure optimal performance of your broadcast antenna systems.

Broadcast Antenna FAQs

Depending on the size and complexity of a project, broadcast crews traditionally range from 4-6 crew members.

Some of the top manufacturers of broadcast antennas are:

1. Dielectric
2. Jampro Antennas Inc.
3. Kathrein Group
4. ERI – Electronics Research Inc.
5. Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)10. Alive Telecommunications

Traditionally broadcast antennas have a useful life of 20+ years if well maintained.  New technologies or specifications can impact the need or desire to update your broadcast antenna.

Various situations may require a directional antenna.  

You should consider replacing your broadcast antenna when repairs become cost prohibitive based on age or availability of components. New generations of technology may also create opportunities that broadcasters consider worthwhile.

If at all possible, broadcasters should have a standby antenna. They are helpful for use in emergencies. They also help mitigate downtime when maintenance work is taking place on your site.

Line and antenna can be considered two different components of the broadcast system.  Replacement of on does not necessitate the replacement of the other.  Both should be regularly monitored through use of electrical inspections and maintained as needed.  In some situations like the changing of channels a broadcaster may need to replace the line as well.  

An electrical inspection and comparison of your specifications will help determine if your existing line can be reused with a new broadcast antenna.

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