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Broadcast Antenna & Line Services​

The antenna and transmission lines are the heart of the tower and Precision Communications can help you with the process from start to finish. Our experienced teams can prep the tower for installation, provide all the materials needed (or use yours), and determine the best installation method for your specific tower. Our goal is to be the most efficient with costs and time to keep you on the air and at full power.

Precision Communications prides itself on our strong reputation for the maintenance and repair of TV and FM broadcast systems. From circuit trips to burn-out, our experienced technicians can troubleshoot and repair antenna and line issues quickly to keep you on the air. Our experienced teams are skilled RF technicians who work with multiple line types, as well as the knowledge of all antenna manufacturers. Our antenna expertise includes lightweight panel side mounts up to 10-ton top-mounted stacked antennas and everything in between.

As with all the services that Precision Communications provides, we are committed to safety and follow proper procedures, protocols, and equipment to ensure the safety of our team and your valuable infrastructure.

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