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Inspection Services

Tower inspections are critical to the safety of broadcast towers and ensuring they are operating correctly and are structurally sound. Inspections can help you avoid costly repairs, modifications, remediation, or replacement. All inspections by Precision Communications include a detailed inspection report of the broadcast system, structure components, guy wires, lighting, and more. Reference photographs are included and noted accordingly for the corrective action needed. The report will be prioritized by what is urgent and what are items that should be on your mid-to longer term capital plan or operational budget. Precision can help build or support a multi-year capital budgeting tool to help plan for larger maintenance priorities or technology upgrades. How often should a tower be inspected? ANSI/TIA-222 provides criteria for maintenance and condition assessment calling for three-year intervals for guyed masts and five-year intervals for self-supporting structures. It is recommended that an inspection should be completed following severe wind or ice storms, or other extreme conditions. Structures located in coastal regions, in corrosive environments should have more frequent inspections. Examples of what can be found during an inspection:
  • Broken strands in the guy wires are very significant and require wire replacement. Once there is a break, the strength of the guy wire is a concern.
  • Out-of-tension guy wires will prevent the tower from reacting the way it was designed to act. From a bigger wobble to oscillation, to a catastrophic failure, it can affect everything on the tower.
  • Rust can turn into significant erosion which can cause a catastrophic event.
  • Flaking paint, fading paint, or poor coverage can result in FAA compliance issues.
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