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Broadcast Tower Maintenance Services

Precision Communications, provides comprehensive tower maintenance solutions for the broadcast industry. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class broadcast tower maintenance services to ensure our customer’s broadcast towers operate optimally to provide uninterrupted, top-quality broadcasts. With a focus on excellence, safety, reliability, and innovation, Precision Communications is your trusted partner for all your broadcast tower maintenance needs.


Regular Maintenance:

The Backbone of Tower Performance

Regular maintenance is the cornerstone of a dependable broadcast tower. Our team of highly skilled technicians excels at conducting thorough inspections, routine upkeep, and preventive measures that ensure your tower functions flawlessly, delivering consistent performance.

Tower Inspections

Attention to Detail

Precision Communications provides tower inspection services to allow our customers to fully understand the condition of their asset. . From evaluating structural integrity to assessing equipment functionality, we leave no aspect unchecked. Detecting potential issues at an early stage can prevent costly downtime and allows for budgeting for your tower maintenance needs..  

Our experienced team formulates tailored recommendations based on your tower’s distinct characteristics and usage patterns. This proactive approach optimizes operational efficiency, reduces risks, and extends your tower’s lifespan.

Emergency Repairs

Swift Restoration for Unforeseen Challenges

Emergencies can arise unexpectedly, potentially disrupting broadcasting operations. Our rapid response team operates 24/7 to address unforeseen tower complications promptly. Whether it’s damage from severe weather, equipment failures, or other urgent concerns, you can rely on Precision Communications to swiftly restore your tower’s operational status.

Technology Upgrade Solutions:

Future-Proofing Your Tower

In an ever-evolving broadcast landscape, adaptability is key. Our technology replacement  solutions ensure your tower remains up-to-date. From integrating cutting-edge technology to enhancing equipment performance, our services guarantee your tower remains poised for the future.


Plumb & Tension Services

Attention to Detail

The alignment of your tower is critical to its stability and performance. Our plumb and tension services ensure accurate vertical alignment, mitigating structural deviations and ensuring your tower operates within the manufacturer’s standards.

Tower Painting

Aesthetic Enhancement and Structural Protection

Our tower painting services offer multiple benefits: enhancing aesthetics, providing essential protection, and FAA compliance. Effective painting shields your tower from corrosion, weathering, and wear, preserving its structural integrity while enhancing its visual appeal.


Guy Wire Treatment

Strengthening Support Systems

Strong support systems are the backbone of tower integrity. Our guy wire treatment reinforces these vital components, enhancing their durability and reliability. This protective measure helps tower assets withstand stress and environmental factors.

Lighting Repair

At Precision Communications, we understand that proper lighting is critical to ensure the safety of air traffic. That’s why we offer comprehensive lighting repair services to keep your tower in compliance with FAA regulations. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and repair any lighting issues to ensure that your tower is visible and safe.

Lighting Systems

We offer a wide range of obstruction lighting systems, including, industry leading LED obstruction lighting. Our experts can design, install and maintain tower lighting systems to ensure they are in compliance with all regulations and functioning properly.


Proper grounding is essential to ensure the safety of your tower and prevent damage from lightning strikes. Our experienced technicians can install a grounding system that meets your tower’s specific needs.

Why Choose Precision Communications for Tower Maintenance

  • Proven Expertise: With over 30 years of experience, Precision Communications has the expertise to optimize the performance and longevity of your broadcast towers. 
  • Customized Approach: Recognizing each tower’s uniqueness, our services are tailored to your specifications, addressing your tower’s distinct requirements.
  • Safety Paramount: We prioritize safety, ensuring your tower and the safety of our team members are top of mind in everything we do.   
  • Reliability Guaranteed: Count on Precision Communications for consistent, high-quality maintenance services that minimize disruptions and ensure seamless broadcasting.

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