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Case Studies

Heartland Tower:
Sioux City Iowa

Repack: 3 Top Mount Antenna Replacements

Tower Overview
1845’ Candelabra tower steel height with 12’ face, 1987’overall height.

Scope of work
Replacement of three high-power TV broadcast systems


  • Coordination for interim coverage, FCC filings, vendors, engineers, testers and several other stake holders.
  • Multiple heavy lifts that were not able to be done with a gin pole alone based on their position away from the centroid of the tower.
  • Optimization of coverage on standby antennas.


  • Precision Communications provided in house project management, providing daily updates of progress and serving as liaison between owners and their partner vendors, ensuring the right people were on site at the right time.
  • Use of Precision’s tower crane which allowed for safe removal and setting of stacked antennas on candelabra arms.
  • Assisted with interim orientation taking into account constraints imposed by the tower and its existing appurtenances.

Heartland Tower Clip 1

Heartland Tower Clip 2

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