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Precision Communications Announces Dialight Distributorship

Precision Communications has announced effective immediately they have become an authorized distributor of Dialight, offering direct sales of their world leading LED obstruction lighting products.

“We are thrilled to represent an organization that shares our deep commitment to quality and service.  We have been installing Dialight obstruction lighting systems for years and are pleased to be able to deliver turn-key projects to our valued customers. We are excited to build on our capabilities and provide both installation and product only options to the large obstruction market”- Karen Kyman, President Precision Communications

Dialight is proud to add Precision Communications to our exclusive list of authorized distributors. Becoming an authorized Dialight distributor is no easy task. It requires successfully completing a comprehensive training and certification program along with meeting a high standard of corporate integrity. Precision Communications has exceeded all expectations and we look forward to a long fruitful relationship.” – David Wise, VP Obstruction Lighting, Dialight Corporation

Precision Communications

Precision Communications is a premier tower service provider that supports mission critical infrastructure within the broadcast industry.  Founded in 1993, Precision has built a strong reputation working with many of the nation’s largest broadcast organizations.  Precision is a full- service provider specializing in tower maintenance, construction, modifications, inspections, and emergency services.  Precision is headquartered in Grove, OK, and our teams support clients nationwide.

The relationship with Dialight will allow Precision to provide complete turn-key lighting projects to our customers, with the ability to sell Dialight products direct as well as install them, continuing our history of superior service and strong reputation in the broadcast industry.


Dialight is the world leader in LED industrial lighting technology with millions of LED fixtures installed worldwide. Dialight offers the industry’s most comprehensive, energy-efficient, and reliable line of LED-based obstruction solution systems in the world. Every Dialight system is fully FAA certified and ICAO compliant for dependability and performance you can trust. Dialight’s patented optics ensure maximum safety with minimal ground scatter for community-friendly illumination. Dialight systems offer a small, light-weight flash head for ease of installation and reduced wind resistance, while our zero-maintenance fixtures virtually eliminate tower climbs and unplanned site visits for years, dramatically reducing maintenance costs and non-compliance risk.

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