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RF Services


Network Analyzer Capabilities

Precision Communications, Inc. is the largest service company in the country today providing

repairs to broadcast antenna and transmission line systems. We have highly qualified and skilled technicians who can facilitate the repairs to any type of antenna system manufactured during the past 50 years, as well as today’s newest antenna systems. PCI maintains a wide variety of new and used parts to accommodate the repairs of both the old and new antenna and transmission line systems.

RF Services
RF Services

Antenna Rebuilding / Re-Harnessing

PCI specializes in refurbishing batwing antennas for single channel or multi-channel operations using new materials, many of which are no longer available through antenna manufacturers. Broadcast systems requiring comprehensive repairs are measured and documented electrically by using Network Analyzer Technology operated by PCI’s highly trained RF engineers. PCI’s equipment can measure RF systems in a high RF environment on multi-tenant towers, candelabra towers and at large antenna farms such as MT Wilson in L.A. and South Mountain in Phoenix by utilizing Broadband Power Amplified Network Analyzer Technology. This reduces the need for neighboring stations to go off air.

24-Hour Service

Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to solve any RF problems you may have. Please call 918-786-8084.

PCI maintains a healthy relationship with all major antenna and transmission line vendors, allowing for quick materials response time. You can now have your Tower Company, RF Engineer and Vendor on site in one call with Precision Communications, Inc

RF Services

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