Emergency Response Service


We understand how the minutes feel like hours when you are off the air because of an RF burn out or a catastrophic mishap.  Precision has developed a deployment strategy where we generally can be on site within a few hours and have plans in process to get you back on the air within 24 hours.  Precision has made a commitment as a business to provide emergency services.  We maintain a private plane that can be loaded with crew, parts and equipment so we can be at your site within hours of your call ready to go to work and get you back on the air.

What do we have in place to help you get back on the air as quickly as possible?

Precision Communications Inc (PCI) maintains an inventory of critical parts at there facility that can be utilized and mobilized to your site.  Some of these parts are rebuilt or used and some of them are new.  We maintain parts for transmission line and a number of parts for antennas from every manufacturer in the country.

We have an inventory of stand-by antennas for VHF, UHF or FM.  Once we know your line size and impedance we provide the adaptors to connect into your current transmission line or we have reels of 3” flex line that we can mobilize and install on the tower.

We have our own network analyzers and RF technicians on staff to sweep and pin point the problem and fix it to get you back on the air. 

Precision Communications Inc is a one stop shop to help you get back on the air.  We have the test equipment, personnel and parts to provide you service and at the same time keep your costs under control by involving only one company to solve your emergency.  

Precision would like to be prepared to help you with your emergency.  We know that when urgency is the utmost importance it is sometimes difficult to look for data that is critical and sometimes not at your finger tips to help us help you solve your emergency crisis.  We have developed a template for you to fill out with critical data that we will have on file and will help us bring the proper parts to help you out with your emergency needs.

Preliminary Draft for a Template Design

Contact Name
Phone Number
Call Letters   - CH
Tower site location- Latitude / longitude or address
Antenna MFG
Antenna Model #
Transmission Line size – 3”-4”-6”-7”-8”
If 6” what is the impedance 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm
Tower Owner?
Tower ASR #
Tower Height
Tower manufacturer
Tower face size
Is your tower located at a tower farm with an adjacent tower close to your tower?
Do you have a Studio Tower ?
Studio Tower Height
Studio Tower location
Does the studio tower have capacity?
Can the studio tower accommodate a Stand-by antenna?

Do you need assistance formulating your emergency contingency plan? Click here.

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