About Precision Communications

Precision Communications, Inc (i.e. PCI), began its operations on March 1, 1993 and is located in Grove, OK. As our reputation grew, so did our company. PCI’s staff maintains a combined experience in the broadcast industry of over 150 years, with many individual employees having 20+ years experience.

Areas of Expertise

• 24 Hour Emergency Off-Air Burn Out Service
• RF Electrical Inspections/Service
• Antenna Reharnessing
• Antenna and Transmission Line Installation
• Antenna and Transmission Line Maintenance

• Tower Erections
• Tower Modifications/Upgrades
• Tower Inspections
• Basic Tower Maintenance

PCI currently provides services to hundreds of customers with a commitment to
“Total Customer Satisfaction”.

Troy Kyman

11 Years with S&G Communications
Years with PCI: 17 Years
Years of Experience: 28 Years
"After majoring in Aviation, working on Broadcast Towers became my passion early in life. Today it still is! For me, 'Total Customer Satisfaction' is not just a slogan, it is a way of life! Hobbies include weekend trips on the lake, working on the ranch, flying and fixing anything that is broken. Thanks to everyone for their confidence in our services."

Karen Kyman

Years with PCI: 17 Years
Years of Experience: 17 Years
"When Troy and I began a business plan in 1992 to launch PCI in March of 1993, the most important aspect of that business plan was to be committed to our customers and to conduct business with honesty and integrity. It has been fulfilling to see PCI's continual growth over the years and to know it is a major leader in the TV broadcast industry."

Mike Couch

Position: Risk Management
and Logistics Coordinator
Years with PCI: 7 Years
Years of Experience: Over 30 years risk management / insurance
"With over 20 years in sales, I'm dedicated to customer satisfaction. Safety is certainly an important aspect of risk management as well. My hobbies include grandchildren, golf, motorcycle riding. My weakness is sports cars."

Audrey Berry

Position: Receptionist / Accounting Administration

Vicki Talbot

Office Manager / Accounts Receivable
Years with PCI: 12 Years

"I enjoy working at PCI because every day is different and each day brings a new challenge. My hobbies include snorkeling, remodeling homes and playing with my grandkids."

Les Kutasi

Position: Business Development Manager
Years with PCI: Less Than 1 Year
Years of Experience: 20 years in the broadcast industry

"In my position, I try to promote the strengths of PCI so we can continue to grow in the US and abroad. My hobbies include golf, skiing and enjoying my grandson."

Sharon Crawford

Position: Accounting Manager
Years with PCI: 12 Years
Years of Experience: 30 Years

"I am committed to overseeing the business affairs of the company so that our customers, our vendors and our employees have their needs met in a timely and accurate way. I enjoy working for Precision and like the opportunity it gives me to meet so many different people throughout the US. I like to play golf, and I enjoy spending time with my 5 grandchildren, taking them fishing and fourwheel riding."

Mike Berry

Position: Crew Foreman
Years with PCI: 11 Years
Years of Experience: 26 Years

1. The job will be completed safely with no accidents!

2. The customer will be satisfied with the job we do!
3. The job will be profitable!

Jim Jones

Position: Shop Foreman
Years with PCI: Over 10 Years

"I am committed to providing the equipment to the crews when they need it."

Cody Crawford

Position: Foreman
Years with PCI: 7 Years
Years Experience: 7 Years

"I always do whatever it takes to make the customer happy! We work on the road, so there isn't any hurry to get to the next job. We do our job right from the start. That way, everyone is satisfied. I love to work, and hunt, and I enjoy dirtbikes, motorcycles, drums, and guitar."

Cody Crawford's
Tower Crew